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 Custom Cycling Technical Apparel


Discover the successive steps to place your custom order.

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Explore the exciting history of Biemme, a leader in technical cycling apparel since 1978. Discover our commitment to innovation and comfort for an exceptional cycling experience.

About Biemme Custom Cycling Apparel
Biemme Custom Cycling provides custom cycling apparel to professional teams, clubs, events, and bike shops. Our Custom products will provide your team, club, shop or event with a higher level of quality and prestige with our Biemme Made in Italy products. We offer a variety of cycling custom jerseys, cycling custom bib shorts and regular shorts, cycling custom vests, jackets, and accessories for any type of cycling;  road cycling, mountain biking and cyclocross. Biemme Custom is ready to answer any cyclists' needs and can provide the essence that is needed for any ride.

Discover the latest updates about our custom cycling apparel range. Explore the new arrivals here!

Companies that have chosen Biemme Custom Cycling
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