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Biemme Custom Cycling Referral Program to receive a credit vouchers on Biemme In-line clothing collection as well as on your custom apparel order.

The main benefit of our referral program is to provide a small thank you to our loyal customers who appreciate our quality and service and have shared their experience with others.  People feel more comfortable when a product or service is recommended by someone they know and trust . This is especially true if the product is extremely technical and expected to be as comfortable as possible.

Refer a team to us. Simply provide any potential new customer with your team ID # we provided you with during your order and you will  receive a $150 credit voucher on our Biemme inline clothing collection if the team you referred purchases a custom order with us. The new customer you referred will receive a $50 credit on their new custom order *


Conditions must be met.


*The referred customer must supply the referral's team ID # and full team name before placing an order. The referred team and the referral can only receive one $100 credit per team, per order.  This referral program applies to new customers only and cannot be applied to any repeat orders or new orders from an existing or past Biemme customer. The number of times you can receive credit for a referral is unlimited, as long as the order comes from a new Biemme  customer.  A change in design or personnel does not make a present or past Biemme customer a new customer.  To qualify, the order must be a 20 piece minimum with your choice of a full or semi-custom design. (accessories not included in minimum quantity).

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