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ESSENCE OF SPORT - Three words that include the true philosophy of BIEMME. A philosophy that emphasizes the importance of sport for the company. Founded in 1978, our company continues to maintain a work ethic based on passion, expertise and experience formed by a team of professionals with years of experience in fashion and sport. We also have a world class team of cyclists, triathletes, runners and skiers who continuously work side by side with our Research & Development Department.​

The essence is the will of BIEMME to create the high performance product by form, function and quality. Thanks to the investment in research of new innovative technology and latest materials, BIEMME continues to meet the full needs of cyclists, runners and triathletes. The on going research and continuous development allowed BIEMME to become a recognized reality in technical cyclingwear. This success has recently followed the same path in our triathlon and running products. 

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