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You will find below Biemme Custom FAQ that will answer the main questions we received from teams, events or individuals interested in designing their custom apparel with Biemme. If you do not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact the head office by calling 1.877.756.4422 or email us at

What is the difference between a "Race Fit" and a "Drop Fit" ?


We designed our Race Fit jersey based on a European fit. It's been crafted for the cyclist who  wants a lean slim fit.  Usually our pro riders, elite category 1 and 2 riders and  many competitive racing teams tend to lean towards this fit. If you're a racer or a competitive cyclist, it does not automatically mean you should order the race fit. There are many racers who order the drop fit because height and body structure must always be taken into consideration.  We always recommend ordering a fit kit so that you can always make the appropriate choice in fit and size.

We designed the Drop Fit (straight cut) jersey on the basis that everyone cyclist should have the opportunity to not only enjoy the fabrics and craftsmanship we offer, but a cyclist should need to feel comfortable.  The drop fit accomplished this goal.  It is not baggy, nor oversized.  It is made with the same basis of a race fit but with a looser feel to the side panels and a longer waist finish.  

To give you a better comparison between the Race Fit and  a Drop Fit, we can classify a Large Race Fit to be similar to a Small Drop Fit.  Therefore if you're usually a Large in a Race Fit, you will need a Small in a Drop Fit. A last detail that we would like you to know is that a Race Fit is 1.5 inches shorter than a Drop Fit when comparing both fits in the same size.

What are your minimums for a Full-custom and Semi-custom order ?


To place  a full custom or semi-custom order with Biemme Custom Cycling, you need to order only 20 total pieces. Every item you order will need to have a minimum of 10 pieces per item.We can accept 5 pieces for a specific item once your initial 20 total pieces are reached, however a surplus charge of 20% will apply to those 5 pieces only. To order 5 pieces of a particular item, you will need to have an order for at least 10 pieces of another item in the same family.  See MINIMUMS under ABOUT BIEMME for full details.


Here are some examples of acceptable full custom orders:
10 short sleeve jerseys, 10 bib shorts
20 short sleeve jerseys
10 Skinsuits, 10 Long sleeve jerseys

What are some of the unique details I should know about Biemme ?

- The single most important detail you should know about Biemme is that we offer the best quality for the price. If you were to compare the quality of our products to any others in the North American market, you will notice that our prices, for the quality, have one of the best ratios on the market.​ 

- It's our 35th birthday this year! Yes, Biemme has been making custom cycling apparel since 1978 and this year we are celebrating our 35 years in the industry.  We don't feel any older than we did 35 years ago but we definitely have seen it all, tested it all, and most importantly experienced it all.  We now are a leader in the industry with constant innovation to show for it.

- Biemme products are designed and manufactured in our facility in Italy. Biemme also has a sewing facility in Ukraine where only a few selected styles are sewn to help with production and time delivery.  All printing, designing and quality control is maintained in Brogliano, Vicenza, Italy.

- Biemme America has 2 offices in North America. Our American head office is located in New York State and is dedicated to serving American retail shops and cycling teams and clubs accross the United States. Our Canadian office is located in Montreal, Quebec and is dedicated to serving Canadian retail shops, cyling teams and clubs accross Canada.

Will I receive a confirmation order and a design proof before you start production ?

Yes you will ! Before production begins, you will receive an email with your final confirmation order including item code, description, sizes, price per item and your total cost including the deposit amount. With the confirmation order you will also receive from us a full-color proof of your uniform.   Once you are completely satisfied will we begin production.

How long does a custom uniform order production take ?

Our lead time varies between 6 and 9 weeks (depends on the time of the year) from the time you approve your final order and final design. Please always keep in mind the time it may take to put your order together and the final completion of your design since production will not begin before both of these documents are final.​

Can I get a refund or exchange an item from our order once I approved it for production or once I receive my order?


Do to your order being a custom order that has been produced specifically for you with your specific graphic design, pre-determined sizes, and prdouct specifications, we do not provide any refund or exchange to your order.


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