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Biemme Paper Print Process use to make custom apparel in Italy onto a series of papers. With a high quality ink per square inch of fabric on your cycling custom apparel, Biemme is designing a long lasting vibrancy providing your custom clothing comfort, performance and innovation.

Biemme continues to provide the best garment on the market. The benefit of the paper print process is another factor which differentiates us from our competition.
Paper print process is a specific method used to print your custom apparel.  With this process, your design is printed onto a series of papers.  Each paper is for a different color in your design.  These papers are then printed onto the fabric one color at a time.  This is where we insert 10 times more ink per square inch of fabric than is used in the Digital Print Process.  Therefore, if the design has 4 colors, there will be 4 different insertions of color onto the fabric.

-We use high quality ink on all our products which provides a better quality finish and more vibrant colors on any design.

-We use 10 times more ink per square inch of fabric to provide a long lasting vibrancy.  We guarantee our customers that the colors on their garments  will not fade for up to 600 washes, which is approximately 6 to 8 years.

​The good news is that if you have a combined order of 100 pieces or more (not including accessories), this process is 100% free of charge and there are no additional set up or graphical costs to choose this opton.  As a matter of fact if your order is for 100 combined pieces or more, we will automatically use the paper print process.
This process is optional for any combined order that is less than 100 pieces (not including accessories).  If you wish to use this process for an order that is less than 100 combined pieces, the extra cost per color is $150.  Therefore if you have a 4 color design (not including white), then your extra paper print cost would be $600.  This is a one time fixed cost and would not be charged if you decide to place a re-order in the future.

All orders that are not used with our Paper Print Process will be produced using our Digital Print Process. With our Digital Print Process we provide the same high quality ink  and the garments are made with the same fabrics and craftsmanship.
*Please note that your design must have a total of 5 colors + color white to be elegible free of charge.  Any additional color after these 6 colors will be charged at $150 each.
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