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Thank you for choosing Biemme Custom Cycling for your Custom Cycling Apparel Order. We appreciate the opportunity to design and present you our custom apparel for your team, club, event or bike shop. Biemme is offering a variety of custom cycling jerseys, custom cycling bib shorts and shorts, custom cycling vests, custom cycling jackets and custom cycling accessories for any type of cycling; road cycling, mountain biking and cyclocross.


The following page is describing the different steps you will need to follow in order to design your Biemme custom cycling apparel.



​Pick the styles

Choose from the various items we offer that you would like to customize.  These would be the items you would like a quote on and will want to have designed before placing your order.


Creation of Design

During the design phase, our templates will need to used to create or transfer your design.  We can send you our templates by email with a simple request by clicking on 


Need graphic assistance?

We have a team of in-house graphic artists that are always ready to share their expertise and experience to make your design the best one you've had thus far.  This graphic assistance may also be free of charge, depending on your order so feel free to  ask us.  Your design and logos must always be submitted in a vector format in order to use them properly so please make sure they are in a Adobe Illustrator or EPS format. 


​Request a "Fit Kit" 

We strongly suggest that you provide yourself enough time to see, feel, and try on our sample clothing to assure the appropriate fit and optional upgrades

available, and determine the model(s) that will meet your needs. A temporary deposit on your credit card will be necessary while the fit kits are sent out t0 you.  Please note that the fit kits have a 2 week time frame in which we ask for them to be returned for a full credit.


Place your order 

Once you have your items, quantities and sizes together, you can submit your order. We will send you a final confirmation order to verify .  It is very important that you verify that all the items, descriptions of the items, quantities, sizes and prices are all correct. The confirmation order cannot be modified or cancelled once this document is signed and submitted to us for production.  A 50% deposit it also required in the form of a check or credit card at this time. 


​Approve your design 

A design layout of all the items you have ordered will provided to you by our graphic department. We will ask you to verify as you did with the confirmation order that all the design details, pantone colors and items are correct. Production cannot begin until you have forwarded your signed approval on all layouts.​


​Check your status 

It is always possible to find out the status of your order by simply contacting your in-house sales representative.  We know you get anxious so an update is always a simple email or phone call away. The final balance will be required prior to shipment.​

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