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    The Biemme RACE 3 Custom cycling jersey is the newest masterpiece to hit the market.  This “Made in Italy” RACE 3 jersey has all the right components in all the right places.  It is composed of a full zip which is completely covered, therefore, not cutting or affecting any of the central logos on your design (shop logo is very important!).  The fabric used is a Coolmax Carbon, known for its lightness, breathability, and flexibility and incredible anti-bacterial filaments.  The beauty of this jersey is the Lycra compressed bands which are in all the right places.

    Lycra Compressed sleeve band: Gives the cyclists the aerodynamic sleeves they require when racing at high speeds. Complete compression so the sleeves don’t flap in the wind. Also, this band is completely printable with the continuation of your design or logo.

    Lycra Compressed side panels: This is the feature that gives Biemme its uniqueness in the market. These side panels will stretch up to 2 size bigger only if necessary because of its extreme capability to extract and retract to its original position. This detail is the most important part of the jersey because it allows the jersey to adapt itself to the waistline of the cyclist.

    Lycra Compressed waist band: The compressed waist band gives the cyclist a jersey that practically hugs itself along the waist line, providing a complete aerodynamic feel similar to that of a time trial skin suit. This waist band is also completely printable with the continuation of a design or the addition of a very important name or logo.

    RACE FIT Available in 3 zipper options:
    AB12B0261M - 14cm zip
    AB12B0262M - Full Covered zip
    AB12B0263M - 3/4 invisible zip
    • Details

      -Lycra compressed sleeve band
      -Lycra compressed waist band
      -Lycra compressed side panels
      -Coolmax fabric
      -Biemme rubber hook for a more elegant finish
      -Silicone Biemme waist gripper
      -3 Rear pockets
      -Available in 3 different zipper options

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