Women vest made with side panels which provide the perfect fit for any cyclist.  Garment is crafted for a woman's physique

DROP FIT (straight cut) Available in 2 options:
AB32B0112L - Full printed vest,3 back pockets,Full zip
AB32B0152L - Printed front,Printed mesh back, 1 side zip pocket,Full zip

RACE FIT. Available in 2 options:
AB32B0092L - Full printed vest,3 back pockets,Full zip
AB32B0102L - Printed front, Printed mesh back, 1 side zip,Full zip

All vests are available in TEVERE, WINTEX or EVENT Light fabric (see tech info section)
  • Details

    -Comfort Side panels
    -Choice of 3 different fabrics for any season
    -Biemme rubber hook for a more elegant finish
    -Silicone Biemme waist gripper
    -Available in 2 different fit options