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Biemme America and Cycling Team are proud to announce a new partnership for the next two years. The Cycling Team will train and race in the full range of Biemme gear, including jerseys, shorts, and other outerwear pieces and accessories. Riders and staff will also be sporting Biemme gear off the bike for 2017 and 2018.

“We have followed this team from the start and have been extremely impressed with the dedication to always become a better team on and off the bike. Being a young and dynamic Canadian team, we feel they are the right fit to represent our brand nationwide.” Leo Incollingo – Logica Sport Inc.

“With over 35 years of experience in producing high quality and innovative clothing, Biemme has established itself has a leader within the international cycling industry. We are proud to have a major brand like Biemme identify the marketing potential in our team. The two year contract definitely shows the great confidence they have in our program.” Frédérick Gates – Director / Founder Biemme is an Italian based manufacturer of high-performance cycling clothing, and is distributed in Canada and the USA through Logica Sport Inc.

“There is no doubt that the Cycling Team will be wearing Biemme’s Race Pro kits this upcoming season. The team will also wear our newest Jampa II, waterproof, windproof and lightweight jacket. Behind the scenes, they will be testing our newest patented innovation that we will launch in our 2018 collection.” Leo Incollingo – Logica Sport Inc. Cycling Team riders and staff are excited by the prospect of attending races in some of the best custom apparel available.

“We are very excited about the partnership we’ve signed with Biemme. With the intention of graduating into a Continental Pro Team in 2018, the agreement is definitely a big piece of the groundwork in building towards that objective.” Frédérick Gates – Director / Founder

ABOUT LOWESTRATES.CA CYCLING TEAM Founded by Frédérick Gates, a Gatineau cycling enthusiast and visionary. The team’s identity has been evolving over the past two seasons, while achieving impressive success both on and off the bike. The Cycling Team has distinguished itself in UCI sanctioned races in Europe, Africa, United-States and in Canada over the last year. Aside from racing, the team has committed itself to raising awareness and contribute to the development of cycling in Rwanda.

ABOUT LOGICA SPORT INC. Logica Sport began in 1997 as a distributor of soccer shoes, balls, and all other soccer accessories. As the company increased visibility and strength as a distributor continued to grow over the years, it allowed them to expand their business focus in specialization of sports product distribution, to include another sport such as cycling. Acquiring Biemme Sport , known for its state of the art sublimation articles in soccer as well as its high-end cycling apparel, allowed Logica Sport to put its mark on the map of Canadian sports specialist distributors. For more details and information about Logica Sport, please visit our website:

ABOUT BIEMME Biemme was founded in Italy in 1978 following the entrepreneurial idea of Maurizio Bertinato. In its 38 year history Biemme has been an innovative and expanding leader in the implementation of new and improved concepts and ideas that raise the bar in performance, comfort and durability. Biemme offers top of the line breathable and flexible fabrics such as Coolmax®, Lycra and Jacquard to help athletes' performance during their physical activity. It has been adapted for different climates and body types. An internal laboratory studies and projects the garments, develops and finally tests them directly on athletes of various levels. For more details and information about Biemme, please visit our website:

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